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Modern Cowboy Shirts

Modern Cowboy Shirts Shopping Guide For Men

Being a cowboy in modern-day time isn’t anything like what we’ve seen in the movies from way back when. Cowboys aren’t actually all about gunfights, saloons, and causing trouble – on the contrary, they’re all about tending to their ranches, animals, and everything else that falls under their daily responsibilities.

Just as the image for the cowboy has changed over the years, so has the clothing they wear. Very popular among cowboys as well as others who don’t have any links to the job, men’s western shirts can be seen on people from all walks of life.

Still, as modernized as they are, they still keep some of their original vibes through patterns, cuts, and all the different styles available. This mix between the old and the new is probably why cowboy fashion has survived through the years and is still one of the leading clothing style choices for many men.

If you’re an actual cowboy or someone who loves dressing like one, this article will walk you through the most important features of western style shirts mens aisles hold, as well as all the other items you’ll need to complete your look.

western style shirts mens


Get the Right Material

Material is probably the most important feature when it comes to men’s western shirts. I know the look is what many people are going for, but when you’re actually out in the hot Australian sun it’s the material that’s going to keep you comfortable and most importantly – dry.

When it comes to this feature, I have to recommend pure, 100 per cent cotton as the only material acceptable. This cotton is naturally antiseptic and hypoallergenic, which means that it won’t allow any bacteria to multiply within its composition and cause odours. When shopping for western style shirts mens designs, make sure to shop from a store that offers high-quality items. It’s even better if you can find a retailer that specializes in weather-proof clothing as it will provide other protective features such as SPF protection, water-repelling, and so on.

Proper sizing


Double-Check Your Size

Proper sizing is important when it comes to any clothing item, but especially when that clothing is used to work in. If the fit is not right you’ll most definitely experience discomfort, which will affect your work or your day entirely. The first rule when it comes to picking the right size is to not rely on what you already know. I know, I know, it sounds a bit weird, but in reality, it’s actually quite sound advice. Let me explain.

You may think you wear a size M shirt, but that might not be the case across different stores and especially different models of shirts and pants alike. Instead of choosing your clothing like this, open up the website (if you’re shopping online) and check their measurement charts. Then, measure your body and sure enough, you’ll end up with the right size every time.

If you’re shopping in-store, obviously try the shirts and pants on before buying. I know many men just pick things off the rack and get to the register as fast as they can, but this can only cause you trouble. By carefully trying on your shirt and pants you’ll be able to determine accurately if they fit just right. You can also try to move around in them and mimick some movements you do while working to make sure they won’t fail you at any time.

Decide on the Patterns


Decide on the Patterns

This one is for those chasing the trends, but it’s also useful for all the actual cowboys out there who work in these clothes every day. The days of simplicity are absolutely over, thank God! Instead, today we have a very wide variety of patterns, colours, and styles when it comes to western shirts for men, so you can really match them with your specific personal style.

If you’re buying something to wear around every day you basically have a clean slate when it comes to colours and patterns, the only guide is your personal preference and what shoes you’re wearing. If it’s sandals, go for something more summer-like, if you’re wearing sneakers or boots – something darker will do better.

If you’re buying clothes to wear on the ranch, however, I have a few tips for you. Firstly, stay away from overly complicated patterns, especially if you work with animals. Some animals might react badly to such things and may get confused, so your best bet is either something plain or a pattern that’s easy on the eyes.

Another tip would be to always go for lighter colours as they repel instead of attracting the hot sun rays and will allow you to feel much more comfortable and cool while you run your errands.

However, you should always keep a few dark-coloured shirts around for dressing up or when the weather gets cold or just because you’d like to, honestly. Functionality is important, but sometimes it’s best if you do exactly what you really want to do, no matter what the “rules” say!

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