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garden with outdoor strip lights

Outdoor Lights: Types to Consider for Illuminating Your Campsite

Camping is a fantastic way to reconnect with nature, unwind, rest and enjoy your time outside. When you’re camping somewhere very remote where the light of the city doesn’t reach you, you need to be well-prepared. Ensuring good lighting is crucial once the sun sets and not only does it enhance safety but it also allows you to enjoy the outside and spend more time out of your tent, even long after the sun has set.

Why is Light Important?

led strip lights on a wet floor
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Not to make camping seem scary, but picture this. You’re out in nature, surrounded by trees and the sounds of the wild. But, without light, you cannot see what’s beyond the trees, and you cannot even move around your campsite without tripping over some ropes or rocks. 

Lighting is important for your safety so that you can navigate the campsite without fears of tripping or stepping on something, and see what’s behind the bushes, be it by using reliable outdoor LED strip lights or lanterns. Lighting is also important when you’re going on hikes so that you can see the track when it’s getting darker outside. But lighting isn’t just about safety. It’s also about functionality. 

Having light allows you to perform many tasks such as cooking even in the later hours of the day, hanging out with the people outside of the tents playing games and just enjoying the crisp fresh air. The lighting also allows you to read at night if you cannot fall asleep. And, it also sets up the mood. It sets a pleasant atmosphere where you can relax, socialise and enjoy your time in nature without having to be secluded in your tent.

Types of Lighting

When it comes to camping, many types of lighting will improve your experience and help you enjoy your stay in nature. Let’s look at some of these that you should have with you if you want to have a safe and fun experience. 

LED Lights 

Some of the most popular choices among campers are the LED lights, and for a good reason. They are energy efficient, meaning your batteries last longer which is especially important if you’re off-grid and rely on battery power. They also come in a variety of options, from string ones to drape around your tent and clip-on for a hands-free experience. However, one of the most practical types is the strip one. 

These outdoor LED strip lights are great because they adhere to most materials, even fabric such as canvas, and can be cut to length, every 5 cm, to ensure a perfect fit, meaning you can hang them anywhere you want and have the light you want. Outdoor LED camping strip lights have many benefits. First, they are extremely durable compared to many other types of lighting, so you won’t have to worry they’ll break down on your trip and leave you without any light source. They are also very efficient in terms of use of power. 

They will not stress your batteries and are particularly suited for camping at non-powered sites. Last, but not least they come in different colours, such as white and orange. What is the best LED colour for outdoor lighting?  If you’re not a fan of bugs while camping, consider opting for orange lights or choose options that can switch between colours so that you can adjust according to your likes and needs. 

This feature allows you to switch between cool white which provides maximum brightness, whereas the new warm white gives off a light that’s a pleasant soothing warmth. This will allow you to create a calm and happy mood in your campsite so that you’re able to relax or do any other activity such as cook or play games with your companions, not having to worry about the batteries running out and bugs attacking you.


Lanterns are a classic choice for camping. They come in various types, battery-powered, rechargeable and fuel-powered ones. To ensure that your campsite is well-lit, you can place them in central locations such as your tent, the cooking area and communal spaces. Lanterns are great because they are portable and you can carry them with you around the camp with ease.


Headlamps are an essential part of your camping gear. They are perfect for activities that require hands-free lighting such as hiking, cooking or reading. When choosing a headlamp, look for ones with adjustable brightness and a comfortable adjustable strap. Keep one in your tent and one in your backpack, so that you’re always prepared. 

Factors to Consider 

When looking for lighting, you need to take the battery life into consideration. Opt for lights with long, so that you can avoid frequent recharging. Choose lights that are easy to carry and set up and are easy to operate. Last, but not least, choose durable lights, because camping can be tough on gear, so select ones that can withstand the elements.

Illuminating your campsite is more than just a practical necessity – it’s about creating a safe and comfortable environment. With the right lighting, you can enhance your camping experience, making it easier to navigate, cook and enjoy the great outdoors. Happy camping. 

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