Reap The Benefits of Essential Oils with a Roll-on Application
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Reap The Benefits of Essential Oils with a Roll-on Application

Even if you are new in the world of essential oils, you will probably quickly realize that roller bottles are super important. They have a rolling ball in the opening allowing for a very small amount of oil to come out as you glide/roll/rub the ball across your skin. Roller bottles are also called essential oil rollers or roller ball bottles.

The oil in them is already blended and pre-diluted, which means you don’t need to mix any oils and make a mess. Thanks to them, there is no chance of getting the proportion of oils wrong and there’s no risk of spills. Just grab the bottle and apply your oil. More importantly, this is a safe way to use essential oils. Considering the fact that these oils are very active and potent and shouldn’t be used directly on the skin, using rollerballs for essential oils is super safe as they are 100% pure mixed with a high-quality carrier oil. This means you can use them topically without having to further dilute them.

Another good thing about roll on bottles for essential oils is that they can help you keep your mind and body balanced no matter where you are. They are small and convenient to carry in your bag. Did you know that applying essential oils on specific areas of your body can make a great difference in the benefits they provide? Technically, you can apply them anywhere you want, but these few places have shown to be the hot spots.

  • Bottom of the feet

The feet have some of the biggest pores in the bodies. As a result of that, they can absorb oils easier through the skin and further release them into your bloodstream. One of the best ways to help the essential oil get from your feet into your body is with reflexology. Reflexology is the act of applying pressure specifically to the feet, hands and ears to promote stress relief and relaxation. All your nerve lines end up in your feet so by giving your feet a massage after applying a roll-on oil, you will experience its awesome benefits faster.

  • On the temple

Most people massage their temple hoping to relieve migraine and headaches. The temple is located on the side of your head between your ear and forehead. So, instead of just massaging it to get rid of headaches, you can also use your roll on bottles for essential oil and apply a bit of it to your temple. This is a pulse point area which means there are blood vessels close to the surface of your skin. This means that the essential oil will get into your bloodstream faster and you will reap the benefits sooner.

  • Behind the ears

The skin is our biggest organ, but its thickness varies on different parts of the body. Have you ever wondered why do we apply perfume right behind our ears? There is a reason for that and it’s because the skin behind the ears is the more absorbent or permeable. This means the essential can get easier through the layers of skin and into the skin. Another important factor here is the mastoid pressure point which is also located behind the ear and can help you experience greater relief from swelling, inflammation and pain.

  • On the wrists

The wrists are another pulse point. Your radial artery runs along the inside of your wrist making it easier for your body to absorb the oil on your wrists.

Some other common areas to apply roll-ons are around the ankles and on your abdomen (if you are dealing with bloating, indigestion or nausea). The side of the neck and the inner elbow are other good spots. You can also apply oil to your chest is if you’re coughing or feel congested. Applying essential oils is on problem spots like blemishes or insect bites is a great way to treat the problem area directly and get results faster.

You can buy regular essential oil bottles and use them with your diffuser. But when it comes to convenience, nothing beats roll-ons. You can use them on way to work, before an important meeting, while you are travelling and literally anytime you need them, no matter where you are.

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