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food in a jar

Reasons to Store Food in Glass Jars

There are countless items that can help us keep our food safe and there are even more to decorate a kitchen. Yet a simple item as a glass jar can offer limitless ways to use it for both purposes. These extremely versatile containers can store food, and can also come in handy as a decorative element, as well as an organisational aid. 

Nowadays, with the awareness about all the negative effects plastics have on our environment, as well as on our health, glass jars are once again getting the recognition they once held. There are people carrying their food and beverages in them, there are even bars serving beer in them.

But, are jars really better than other containers? Do they offer some advantages over the other ways to store food? Why should you decide to buy a glass storage jar with metal lid and what can you use it for?

Food Conservation


Glass is much better at conserving food than plastic containers. Unlike plastic, glass never contains any toxic substances that can be released into the food. One of the reasons why a glass jar can conserve the food better is that they typically close hermetically, or in other words, they don’t let air inside, which will oxidate the food – slowly or fast, depending on the type of food. This is why you can prepare food for the entire week to bring to work, store it in jars and it will still be fresh when we decide to consume it.

Glass jars are also the best option for food conservation if you like to prepare homemade jams or other types of food with a long shelf life, including honey or lard. They can also store foods that don’t last as much, but still keep them fresh longer than any plastic recipient could, such as salads, liquids, like juices, water, teas, liquid foods, like soups or broths, and any other type of food and leftovers from your lunch, etc. Moreover, it’s a great option for storing dry things such as sugar, spices, coffee, beans, rice, nuts, flour, candy, etc. Because they close so well, they are also great if you need something to stay dry, like herbs.

Some jars can also withstand freezing, meaning you can use them to freeze the food you’ve prepared. For instance, if you don’t have time to cook all the time, you may decide to cook in bulk, and jars can help you freeze the food – plastic-free.

Taste Conservation


When it comes to using jars as containers for bringing food to work is that they are heavier than other types of recipients. Nevertheless, there are different jars out there, and you can choose a glass storage jar with a metal lid that doesn’t weigh as much if this is an issue for you. Glass is an inert material, which means that it doesn’t take taste or smell from the food or beverages it holds, and it doesn’t transfer tastes or smells to the food or beverages you put in them. In other words, whatever you store in the glass jar, will taste as it is supposed to.

Reusable and Environmentally Friendly

rinsed jars

Disposable is never better than reusable, which is one of the reasons why glass jars are a superior container compared to many other types. It’s obvious how using glass instead of plastic is respectful towards the environment, as well as humankind. Furthermore, your glass storage jar will not lose quality as you use it, meaning you can reuse it as long as you have it. The only real danger to it is if you drop it. This also makes it extremely environmentally useful.


organised jars

As we mentioned, glass jars are great at keeping things fresh and dry. Aside from being a great way to keep your kitchen organised, jars also allow you to always know what’s what. Because glass is clear, you can always see the contents inside, without having to lift things up to read a label. All of this in turn will help you stay much more organised and declutter your kitchen. Glass food jars can also be a great aid for organising your fridge. 

Beneficial for Your Health

food in a jar

Glass jars make it easier for you to bring food from home with you. This means that you won’t throw out the leftovers of your lunches, but more importantly, it means that you will be less likely to become very hungry – which means you will be able to avoid eating junk food.

Easy to Use

food jar

Glass food storage jars are also quite easy to use, not that other food recipients are especially hard to use, but they offer some advantages even in this department. For one thing, you can transfer the food even while it’s hot, unlike if you were using something plastic to store it. It can also be very comfortable and convenient for transferring and storing food, because of its shape. And it’s very easy to open and close. 

Easy to Clean

Another thing that jars make easier is cleaning. Unlike some plastic products glass is quite easy to clean. And also, once you are done using it, a glass storage jar can be simply thrown in the dishwasher.

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