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Simple Ways to Transform Your Home Into a Modern Striking Space

Our homes are our refuge; therefore, it is only necessary that we transform them into a space that not only appeals to us visually but also connects us emotionally and physically. Fortunately, there are many simple yet effective ways to transform your boring home into a modern residence that you will find hard to leave every time you need to go out.

Let the Sofa Do the Talking


Modern designs implement pieces of furniture to add interest to a room. This, however, doesn’t imply that you will have to change all of your current furniture, including your grandmother’s favourite ottoman. Sometimes only one piece is enough to create a trendy vibe. Up your décor game with a striking sofa in modern design to see the impactful change. 

The modern sofas are a terrific way to highlight and bring attention to a room. Their outstanding appearance will turn any space, no matter how small or boring, into your favourite place to relax after a long day. When creating an opulent space, lay your hands on those designs that are extremely elegant and stand out for their fabric and finish. Also, spend as much as you can afford on a quality frame – it will see you through many years of lounging. 

A solid hardwood frame is a good option but be wary of a particleboard or metal construction as well. On the other hand, the material of the sofa is crucial in creating an inviting space. For modern interiors, a fabric designer sofa is preferable, even though leather has an excellent appearance and is very easy to maintain. In this sense, make sure the upholstery fabric you choose matches your colour scheme because it will have a big impact on the room, whether you go for a neutral, patterned, or striking colour. 

If the sofa will be positioned near a window, pick a synthetic fabric instead of a natural one as natural material may fade in direct sunlight. To maximise the effect, you can always combine a sofa in modern design with an interesting contemporary coffee table. There are many sets on the market today that combine this combo, so you will have no difficulties finding the one that goes well with your décor.

Pull It Together with Ottomans

Using a chic and functional ottoman to create centrepieces is one of the easiest ways to enhance your décor game. These little yet mighty pieces of furniture can serve as additional seating in addition to being stylish places to rest your beloved books, beverages, or other accessories. Since their first release, ottomans have come a long way in terms of their design. 

Ranging from various sizes and shapes to extraordinary colours and materials, there is something for everyone. To create a coherent design plan, match the navy ottoman to the paint colours used in the room. A gorgeous baby blue paint colour utilised throughout the living room can be accentuated by the matching ottoman design, resulting in a fashionable link and celebration of blue. 

The dark wooden feet will complement the carpet, anchoring the ottoman in place and adding to the overall design aesthetic. Coordinating your ottoman with your drapes, whether they are vibrant printed or neutral block colour designs, on the other hand, will help make the piece look more integrated into your space.

Use Walls to Add Some Texture

modern sofa in living room

One of the simplest ways to give a room texture and dimension is through walls. In this regard, you have a variety of options at your disposal. Panel moulding’s main function is to adorn recessed or level surfaces. The antique industrial look, on the other hand, is one of the most popular wall treatments these days. 

Exposed components like pipes, brick, and ducting define this theme. It evokes a sense of utility while adding a subtle, carefree visual curiosity. Additionally, wood panels are classic and incredibly cosy. But wood panelling is no longer the conventional panelling of the 1970s. Creativity is highly valued nowadays. Distinctive Australian wall prints are another equally valuable option.

Set the Vibe with Light Fixtures

Installing a strong lighting fixture is crucial in creating an opulent look in your room. Not only will it enhance eyesight, but it will also perfectly accentuate the house’s interesting zones, light pools, and other focus points. Wall lights will add the timeless charm and peaceful atmosphere your home needs. Particularly when paired with wall-mounted bedside table sconces, overnight tables are always fashionable. 

Make sure the wall sconces match and use dimmers and soft light bulbs. On the other hand, if at all possible, place a large pendant light above a kitchen island, dining table, hallway, or bed. If you have smart lights, think about adding motion sensors for an opulent touch.

Stock Up on Art Pieces


A place without art may appear cold and uninviting. No matter how big or small, artwork will add character and depth to your space. Choose artwork that expresses an artistic concept that you find intriguing or holds sentimental importance for you to add a cosy touch to your modern area. Additionally, art adds colour, which may liven up a space and make it appear less dull.

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