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anna blatman art

Support Local Artists: Decorate Your Home with Distinctive Australian Prints

Art may not be one of the primary concerns we have when we first turn a house into a home, but there are big elements in the picture, like layout, flooring, walls, fixtures and fittings. However, there’s no way around it—artworks help customise the abode as they speak volumes about our personalities. 

As the finishing touch that can spruce up the interior décor, you may not always have as big of a budget to back you up as with the other elements that are the primary investments, such as tiles, furniture, or appliances. However, with so many beautiful prints nowadays, even from local artists, decorating your personal living space hasn’t been easier or more affordable. 

Whether you’re up for something colourful like the vibrant Anna Blatman print range that’s both harmonious and energetic, soft coastal colours inspired by the Australian landscapes present in the Michelle Keighley prints, or the traditional dot painting and symbols by the Wiradjuri in the Lizzy Stageman prints, there’s something for everyone.

Pick out your favourite Australian artist to curate your special collection, or create your own blend by choosing your favourite pieces from these three outstanding women—it’s your call. One thing is for sure: you don’t have to go international to find beautiful and meaningful art. Whenever you need some inspiration on how to go about your decoration journey, you can find it at The Block with ease.

Modern Impressionism

anna blatman print

Expressing her creativity and using this as her profession since 1993, Anna Blatman is an Australian artist who’s managed to successfully let her soul shine through her work. As an example of someone whose mission is to create art that brings up feelings of happiness, she’s served as an inspiration for a new generation of artists. 

Although flowers are one of her main inspirations, florals aren’t the only types of art you can find. Choosing to invite one of the lively Anna Blatman print creations into your home means opening up the way for Australian flora and fauna, as well as scenes from the landscapes in vivid colours. Her artworks are perfect for any space where you feel there’s a lack of interest, like a dull white wall or an odd empty corner that could do with a little pop of colour. One thing is for sure: the unique Anna Blatman art can find its way into each and every room of your home. 

Drawing inspiration from impressionists and 60’s painters alike, she’s proud of creating her own blend of styles she likes to refer to as Annaism. Her pieces that are bustling with life can be found in both paper and canvas form, so choose depending on the material, finish, and ink you’re after. The versatility they’re known for can also be seen in the framed and frameless options, as well as the different sizes.  

Abstract Expressionism

anna blatman wall art

As painting runs in the family, it was only natural for artist Michelle Keighley to pick up the brush and paint herself. Focusing on letting her creative juices flow with ease, her strokes are loose, as is the case with intense expressionist art, which defines her style as abstract expressionism, although Australian impressionists are her main inspiration. 

Being in love with the breathtaking natural beauty of Australian landscapes, the lush flora of the coastline, along with the serene sandy beaches and a mixture of the blue seas and skies, are the main themes in her artworks. If you too enjoy barefoot walks, white sandy beaches, and lots of coastal tones like a mixture of greys, greens, browns, and blues, then getting one of her prints is a must. Especially if you want to bring more of that summer feel with beach vibes into your nest year-round.

Still life is another subject you have the chance to browse through and decorate your walls with. As with the Anna Blatman prints collection, her prints are available in a range of sizes and options, so you have a say in the choices you end up with based on what it is you’re trying to create—a gallery wall with a mixture of small prints or the one big print that captures most of the attention in a room—it’s up to you. 

Contemporary Aboriginal Style

Paying her respects to the Elders, artist Lizzy Stageman as a proud descendant of the Wiradjuri, Ngiyampaa and Barkindji nations, likes to acknowledge the traditional owners of the Australian land in her paintings. Born and raised on the Wiradjuri land in Dubbo, NSW, she draws inspiration from life experiences, as well as the surroundings and weather, and creates her unique and beautiful art mix of contemporary and traditional, utilising Aboriginal dot symbolism and techniques to capture the elements. 

Her prints tell stories in a distinctive way, which is why they’re often viewed as very expressive, especially in the effect they result in—bringing about an emotional response. Whether you’re up for injecting the space with some colour or wouldn’t mind opting for the subdued effect of monochrome, you can find it all in Lizzy’s print collection. 

Her earthy tones, dark and vivid blues and purples, and vibrant yellows and oranges are great as standout details on their own, enough to fill your blank walls with stories to be passed down from generation to generation. If you feel like curating your own collection of prints, however, they too can easily be paired with the lively, bold colours of Anna Blatman and the nuances of the Australian coast represented with the expressive brush and palette knife strokes of Michelle Keighley. 

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