Supplement Your Way from Flab to Fab - the New You Starts Right Now
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Supplement Your Way from Flab to Fab – the New You Starts Right Now

I bet you’re thinking that the famous weight-loss motto “do more, eat less” is one big fat lie because if it were true, people who are trying to lose weigh would’ve figured it out by now. But, there is one truth behind this – they haven’t quite! Luckily for you, there are athletes who know their way around weight loss and have shared their words of wisdom. So dear gals, let’s help you out get rid of all the confusions and unlock the results and the body you’ve been craving for oh so long.

First off, when women say that they want to “lose fat”, usually that statement does not specifically point out what their goals are. It is true that many struggle specifically with certain areas, mostly the abs, the hips and the nagging so-called chicken wings. And the funny thing about it is that they tend to fight weight gain by starving themselves and undergoing rigorous diets, which at the end, usually ends up with them experiencing the yo-yo effect. Such a bummer, right?!

Well, newsflash! Many athletes have claimed that by strategically adding muscle, you can reshape your body and get a step closer to your desired physique. Although the thought of gaining weight to look better might seem idiotic to some, there is a crucial difference to bear in mind: I’m not talking about fat gain, but muscle gain! Muscles are much denser than fat, therefore, 5 kilograms of fat takes much more space than 5 kilograms of muscle. And yes, all that amount of muscle can make you look a lot better if you somehow managed to “spot reduce”. A useful tip? Forget about the scale.

Unless you so badly want to jump on the diet bandwagon, the key element is not to follow a strict diet but to rather pay attention to what you consume. And yes, add supplements to your diet! Why supplements? It is simple. A pre-workout booster will give you more energy to perform at your best and will make you able to perform longer. Therefore, the math is simple – the longer you are able to perform at a higher intensity, the more energy and calories you will burn. Among the best pre-workout bodybuilding supplements online shops offer are whey protein, creatine and BCAA. But before taking any one of these, do your homework and learn how to take them for optimal success.

And then comes the IT supplement specifically designed for weight loss – L-Carnitine. This one is probably the hottest fat loss supplement on the market today. Make sure to buy it from a reliable bodybuilding supplements online or offline store and take it 15-20 minutes prior to your workout session. When paired with exercise, l-carnitine boosts the activity of the beta-oxidation pathway, which means you’ll be increasing your body’s fat-burning potential, using fat as the primary source of energy.

Bottom line is, supplements have long been undermined for their success in losing weight, however, there are numerous instances where they have proven to be just what a person needs to boost their metabolism. Find the ones that are most suitable for your fitness goal and make sure to combine them with the proper food regimen and training. I guarantee you, your body will soon reward you.

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