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unique gift baskets

Unique Gift Basket Ideas: Creative Ways to Say “I Love You”

Sharing what’s ours with others is one of the few ways to express your fondness towards other people. That’s why it’s really of no surprise that the ancient tradition of gift-giving can be traced as far back as the prehistoric ages when we lived in caves. That being said, the nature of the gift itself depends mostly upon the person who is receiving it.

You get to know your family and friends by sharing mutual experiences, hearing each other’s stories, helping in time of need and celebrating each other’s successes. That is how we learn who they are, and what is the language in which they express their love, and what is it that we can do to return it.

What I’d like to suggest to you today is a surprise gift scheduled for a date when it’s the least expected (but you know they’re going to be at home to receive it). Surprise gifts have a wonderful way to bring a warm feeling to someone’s heart. It is the ultimate symbol of love which doesn’t require a pinned date on a calendar for you to show it. So without further ado, here are some ideas online reviews suggest people enjoy the most.

Edible Blooms

A bouquet is a synonym for care. But have you considered a bouquet that has strawberries dipped in chocolate or almonds wrapped in vanilla cream? This is a sweet, edible gift, perfect for when you’re trying to show your appreciation for someone’s effort and time, or if you want to give someone your attention in a way they won’t forget soon. Furthermore, an edible arrangements delivery is a thoughtful way to show you care to someone you aren’t able to meet at the moment or want to surprise them when they least expect it. A doorbell ring, and a bouquet filled with luxurious goodies that not only look great but taste amazing.

strawberry arrangements delivery
Source: ubereats.com

In addition, edible food arrangements don’t have to always be chocolate and sweets (although that is a great idea). Online, you may find a variety of options that include crafty beer, gourmet wine and a side of fresh flowers that will express what sometimes words fail to say. And the feeling after bringing a smile on someone’s face is a bonus and always priceless.

A Trial Class or Monthly Membership

If you know or a friend or family member that has a certain goal or hobby in mind but doesn’t know where to begin, a trial class of their interest is a wonderful idea. A gift card for a class at a local pottery studio, annual tickets for the historic museum, 1 month of martial arts class, a guitar lesson — you get the point. This is a thoughtful gift where you show that you’re interested in your friend’s success and their fulfilment. And that you’re there for them to support.

A Customized T-Shirt

Every group of friends have an inside joke. That being said, funny sayings, “infamous punch lines”, a scene from a favourite movie, are some of the best ways to cheer a friend up while showing your understanding and knowing the language of their humour.

best friends in customized t-shirt
Source: vivamake.com

Dinner For Two

Taking your partner or best friend out to a nice intimate dinner is always a good idea. But sometimes we have acquaintances in our life that are not quite a friend yet but are more than a stranger. We don’t know enough about them as individuals, but we know that everyone likes a classy dinner for them and their spouses. If you’ve already opted for an edible arrangements delivery before, sending your newly acquainted business partner a gift card for a local restaurant (that you know everyone talks about) will show your appreciation and openness to do more business.

setted a table for dinner for two
Source: ikea.ee

Hand-Made Crafts and Arts

You can create something that may be improvised and amateur but is your own and your friend will be appreciating exactly that. Share your talents and skills (or your aspiration towards it) and send a wrapped up box with a unique creation during a time your friend or partner least expects it.

handmade wooden flower
Source: woodgeekstore.com

Practical Help Around The House

Life has its ups and downs. When someone close to you is going through a rough time, sometimes the only way to be there for them is to take some of the weight off their shoulders. A housecleaning session, cooking meals for them or hiring someone to do it for them, driving them to appointments, babysitting their children etc, are all ways where you can make actual deeds of love towards someone else.

Exchange of Favours

Here’s a fun, useful idea for a group of close friends. Everyone has a talent, and everyone has something to offer that is unique to them. This means that you should organize a happening where everyone can provide someone else with some kind of teaching, training, or art piece that the other will appreciate and in return will offer a gift of their own.

Gift Wraps and Personal Notes Are Still Super Relevant

Give yourself the time to wrap up the present and the time to write a meaningful note which is yet another way for you to show appreciation. Love is the one thing all poets, philosophers and generally, people are always trying to define. And while we struggle to define it, feeling love is an intuitive ability of no question. We all know how love feels and that it is an act of unconditional giving. And that means that we give without the expectation to receive back. That unselfish kind of love is the best kind of love. And my only hope is that you’re now filled with inspiration to show the people in your close circle just how much you believe in them, and need their companionship and friendship.

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