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6 (Not So Obvious) Camping Essentials to Make Your Next Outdoor Adventure That Much More Enjoyable

When packing for a camping trip, the first things that come to mind are your reliable tent, kitchen essentials, toiletries, etc. However, there are many useful tools that campers often forget. Although they seem like ordinary camping gear, these tools can be lifesavers in certain situations.

Mallet Hammer

Once you have your tent, you need the proper tool to help you secure it in place. Hammering your tent’s pegs in place can be a tiring job, especially without any prior knowledge or experience on how to do it properly. Firstly, make sure to go for metal pegs instead of plastic ones, as they’re less prone to breakage.

Secondly, you will need to get a mallet hammer to secure the pegs into the ground. You might think that any ordinary hammer is up for the job, but using one for this purpose is less convenient than opting for specialized camping equipment. Models such as the built claw hammer are lightweight and carefully designed so as not to cause damage to your metal pegs. It’s drop forged and has a fibreglass handle which makes it easier for manoeuvring. The hammer’s head is designed to easily set the tent pegs in place, while the claw on the rear is useful for removing the pegs when you’re packing up.

mallet hammer

source: outdoors.com

How to Set Up a Camping Tent?

To help you with setting up your tent, here are a few tips:

  • Firstly, pull the guy lines or the loops of the tent tight.
  • Line up the tent stakes. The best practice is placing them straight up and down; however, some people also prefer to place them at a 60⁰ angle towards the tent.
  • Start by gently tapping the head of the stake with your camping mallet.
  • Gradually increase pressure.
  • If the stake is starting to bend, try softening the ground with water, or alternatively, pick a different spot.
  • Repeat the steps with the other stakes.


The trusted multitool is one of the most useful pieces of equipment when going camping. They’re incredibly versatile and allow you to perform any imaginable task. So, what is the best multitool for camping? The Leatherman multitool is one of the most popular models that campers use worldwide. This multitool has a sturdy construction that can endure a lot of abuse. It has a titanium frame, which is far lighter and more durable than steel.

The Leatherman comes with a variety of different tools, such as knives, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers and more. You can fit it in your pocket or attach it to your belt, which allows you to have all of these tools within reach anytime you need them.

Next time you’re packing for a camping trip, don’t forget to include a handy multitool that will help you out in sticky situations.

multi tool

source: pinterest.com

Durable Outdoor Watch

Another camping essential that many campers overlook is the reliable outdoor watch. While you’re mostly used to checking your smartphone for the time, a durable watch is more convenient for use and poses fewer risks of you damaging your phone while you’re in the wild.
This isn’t your grandpa’s ordinary pocket watch. These watches are specially designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions and harsh wear and tear that comes with outdoor activities. They have a sturdy construction that offers resistance to scratches and drops.

Apart from this, outdoor watches come with many handy tools that will help you on your adventure. Their high-quality displays offer you various useful information. These watches are equipped with settings for different time zones, topographic maps, GPS plugins, altitude information, etc. All of this information is at arm’s reach, allowing you to conveniently check it while you’re on the move.

Fire Extinguisher

As fun as camping is, it also comes with a lot of dangers – and fires are one of them. When you’re going camping, most of the time you will have to light a fire. Whether it’s for cooking purposes or simply to warm yourself up – fires are convenient and easy to start. However, no matter how careful you are – accidents often happen. Fires can easily go out of control and cause damage to your equipment, as well as spread to nearby nature.

For this reason, it’s good to have a fire extinguisher nearby anytime you’re going camping. They’re able to put out fires in a matter of seconds and prevent potential forest fires. Before you venture off however, make sure you inform yourself on how to properly use it.

led torches for camping

source: outdoors.com

LED Torches for Camping

If you’re unsure about what kind of tool you will need for illumination, make sure to follow a guide for buying camping lights. However, the traditional LED flashlight will come in handy for most situations. When you’re looking for a camping torch, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration:

  • Light output – Make sure your flashlight has a lumen output of at least 150 lumens.
  • Construction – Get a model with a textured grip to avoid potentially dropping your torch while on the move. Make sure that it’s weatherproof and drop-resistant as well.
  • Battery life – Go for a torch with longer battery life to last you throughout your whole camping trip. Modern torches come with powerful batteries that can last for up to 48 hours.

Navigational Equipment

While outdoor watches provide you with accurate mapping information, a detailed map and a modern handheld GPS device will make sure that you never get lost in the wilderness. Compared to smartphones and outdoor watches, a handheld GPS offers plenty of advantages. It allows you to see a layered overview of a terrain, insert waypoints and plan your route. While it’s slightly less convenient than a watch, it gives you more insight with its wider display – and you can always attach it to your belt while you’re moving.

Bottom Line

Being well-prepared for your camping trip removes the common anxiety and lets you actually enjoy your time in nature. However, some pieces of equipment we often tend to overlook. For your next trip, make sure to pack a mallet hammer for securing your tent, a Leatherman multitool, an outdoor watch, a fire extinguisher, a tactical LED torch and a handheld GPS.

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