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Aspects to Consider When Shopping for a Multitool

It doesn’t matter whether you’re so good at fixing things that you might start your own Fixer Upper show, or can’t seem to handle DIY projects all too well, the truth is you can’t do without tools. This is true both around the home and outdoors when you’re off the beaten path because tools are necessities and you can’t risk doing without them.

Simply said you never know when you might need some help so it’s best to have some with you at all times. Now, it’s a fact, there are far too many varieties that you might choose from, but if you want something that can help with a number of problems then a practical multi function tool is an excellent solution.

Since not all multitools are created equal, you should categorise them into different functions and features to see which ones might become part of your toolbox and which ones can be eliminated straight away. Asking yourself the following questions can be of help:

axe-hammer multitool

What Are You Looking for In a Multitool?

First of all, you ought to ask yourself what your basic need is to get an idea about what you want the tool for primarily. Is it to help you in general around the house or with your camping/fishing/hunting trips? As you can see, the two options differ since in the case of the first what you’d require is a general-purpose full-sized tool or a twist and fix socket tool, whereas with the latter you want something equipped with various pliers and blades.

In addition to your interests, I’m sorry to say but your skill of tool use can further be a crucial factor in letting you know what it is you need. Handymen who are more on the professional side can do with specialised tools created for more complex tasks, which isn’t the same with people who just want to be prepared tool-wise for a task that might arise and only needs the simplest multitool they can get.

How Big Do You Need It to Be?


Size is an important consideration one has to make when shopping for the ideal multi function tool because it’s decisive with the number of tools it consists of, as well as how easy it is to carry it and how reliable it is for a certain job. Bigger multitools are heavier to carry, which isn’t that well when you’re on the go and need to stay on the lighter side with the essentials, but it’s great for bigger jobs since it consists of more tools that can handle anything along the way.

This is unlike small tools that can fit only a certain number of pliers and bottle openers, so if you need them for more than just setting up the tent, like taking them on your hunting adventures, then keep in mind they might not be of much assistance with your game. Smaller ones are beneficial in that they can be clipped on the belt or pocket, hung on a keychain, or even attached to a backpack. Much like ergonomics, size has to do with ease of use, so it isn’t something you want to overlook.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend for It?


Price too has a say in which helpful multi-tool you end up with. There are many outstanding brands nowadays, like Leatherman, Gerber, Lansky, SOG, Victorinox, and Columbia River to name a few, all amazing with their durable and reliable multitool designs. However, that doesn’t mean they’re all great for your wallet or projects and tasks you plan to use them for.

Keep the first two questions in mind to decide what kind of tool exactly you require, and then you can narrow down your choices based on the price. It would also come in handy if you do an online research first, and read up some reviews, to know what you’re in for with the designs you choose. Finding a trustworthy supplier goes a long way too as then you’d have the peace of mind you invest your money in something made to last.

How to Care for a Multitool?

Buying a tool of quality guarantees it won’t get damaged or broken after a couple of uses, but it’s crucial to note some care and maintenance can go a long way. Sure, it’s easier to just pack it back up in its case after you use it, yet a handy multi tool would treat you with longevity much more if you treat it back with some cleaning before the storage.

Given that they consist of various tools, in some instances dirt may get caught up between those parts which could affect the function of these tools in the long run. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to clean them between each use with something as simple as a wooden skewer.

A little greasing won’t hurt every now and then, more so as it would keep the parts functioning perfectly, in addition to preventing rust. Speaking of which, if you do happen to spot some rust either because the metal came into contact with plant juices or salt water, apply a bit of maintenance oil on a cloth and do the wiping. This should do the trick with removing it!

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