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Blundstone: Boots Made for Walking, Working and Beyond

Blundstone: Boots Made for Walking, Working and Beyond

Life’s too short to spend it walking in uncomfortable shoes, everyone knows that. But then again, we often tend to sacrifice our comfort for fashion. If you want to stay stylish without your dogs barking at end of the day, you should invest in quality footwear that offers the best of both worlds.

One Aussie brand has found the golden mean of these two extremes. Blundstone is a name associated with timeless style, exceptional comfort, and hardwearing durability. Virtually anyone can immediately recognize the brand’s most iconic line of laceless, elastic-sided ankle boots. But that’s only a fraction of Blundstone’s ever-growing line of products.

An Extensive Range That Has Everyone Covered

Whether you’re running errands, putting in the hard yards, exploring the outback, or having drinks, you can find Blundstone boots in various styles to suit any occasion. From casual to classic and dressy, all the way to safety boots, you’ll be spoiled for choice when shopping for Blunnies.

Blundstone boots

If you’ve found your peace and happiness in the minimalist lifestyle, classic Blundstone boots like the 500 and 550 models will fit right into your capsule wardrobe. An elegant take on the brand’s original boot, these beauties will effortlessly pair with just about any outfit, becoming a versatile addition to your everyday wardrobe.

For those fond of more casual outfits, the sneaker boot series make a natural choice that bridges the gap between the trail and street in an utterly fashionable way. This range also caters to anyone who leads an active lifestyle, providing all-day and transeasonal comfort.

The brand’s work series includes a wide variety of designs to suit industry-specific needs in construction, mining, farming, manufacturing, and firefighting, for example. Here you can shop for pull-on, lace-up, steel-toe, slip-resistant and puncture-resistant work boots, all crafted to keep you and your feet protected from common worksite safety hazards.

Blundstone didn’t forget the little ones, so neither should we. There’s a separate line of kids’ booties covering ages 2 and up, with plenty of choices for boys and girls. You can shop for children’s Originals, Classics, Dress and Thermal models, all delightfully reminiscent of their respective grown-up cousins.

Footwear Packed Full of Features

Let’s face it, Blunnies can be expensive, but rest assured, there are plenty of reasons why you should buy Blundstone boots despite the hefty price tag. In terms of style, trends come and go, but these booties have proven themselves immune to the ever-changing fashion fads.

Footwear Packed Full of Features

Their timeless appeal is further backed by hardwearing durability. Featuring a robust leather construction, enhanced with weather-resistant materials and strong soles, these boots can bravely stand up to virtually anything. With proper care and maintenance, it would be long before you need to swap them for a new pair.

Prized for the lightweight, flexible and orthopedically-responsible footbeds, Blundstone footwear also makes tired, painful feet a thing of the past, and walking your new favourite hobby.

Speaking of footbeds, you can also buy inserts separately to customise the fit of your boots and further enhance your comfort. They come in classic, arch, and thermal styles to suit different needs.

A Boot for Every Outfit

It’s not often that you come across footwear that can be styled in so many ways. As they say, ladies first. Ankle-length Blunnies are one of those ladies’ must-have boots, perfect for pairing with skirts and dresses of various lengths. Mini, midi or maxi, a boot so simple yet elegant will certainly add a flattering finishing touch.

A Boot for Every Outfit

Jeans and trousers also look incredibly stylish when married to the right Blundstone number. When the occasion calls for more formal attire, a pair of dark-coloured bottoms and dress boots are a match made in heaven.

Got your comfies on? Lend a sophisticated feel to your leggings or joggers with a pair of sneaker boots that win you style points even on lazy days when you don’t care at all. And who knows, a boot so comfy may be the driving force you need to get out and start moving.

Need new shoes to match your corporate uniform for a professional look? Consider buying a pair of Blundstone’s classic Chelsea or heeled boots in a neutral colour to show you mean business.

Closing Thoughts

All things considered, it’s clear that these boots are well worth the money and hype. With that being said, you can start your hunt for the perfect pair online or in stores. For the best experience, you should only shop from official retailers to ensure you’re buying genuine boots at a reasonable price.

And if you want to get ultimate value for your buck, remember to take good care of your boots so they can last you for many years. Regular cleaning and conditioning of the leather, and proper storage are recommended to maintain the appearance of your boots and increase their lifespan.

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