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Health & Beauty

Morning talk show hosts, our doctors, gym-crazed friends and the whole internet never miss a chance to remind us how drinking plenty of water is essential for our well-being. Of course, we don't need to be reminded that being well-hydrated keeps our blood pressure balanced,...

How many times have you fallen asleep without previously brushing your teeth? Nearly half of all adult Australians admit they don't bother to brush their teeth before going to bed mainly because they're too tired or forget about it while checking Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. By skipping the need to brush your teeth before going to bed, along with poor nutrition (consuming sugary drinks, junk food and food high in carbohydrates) you risk developing not only serious dental problems, but other serious diseases that could affect your overall health. Therefore, maintaining proper and regular oral hygiene is the key to ensuring a sparkling smile and well-being in general. This is not to be taken as oral hygiene is the solution to other issues, but failing to address is could be the trigger for many of them.

It happens to all of us: you're exhausted and you can't wait to go to bed, however, even though all the lights are out and you're ready to enter dreamland, you just can't seem to fall asleep. According to psychologists and sleep experts, this happens because...

Though not often considered as such, the smile is the accessory we should wear at all times. As first, it can help make good lasting impressions, ease off the process of making new friends, and as a result improve our self-esteem and mood. Powerful as it might be, though, not all of us are blessed with a dazzling smile, and the exposure to media and the beautiful celebrities certainly doesn't make things easier.

Gentleness, grace, and confidence – these are the main qualities a truly beautiful woman possesses. Such a woman seduces with her caring and graceful behaviour, her simple acts of kindness, and her words of wisdom. That's precisely what real beauty is made up of. Yes, outer beauty can never beat the power of inner beauty. However, that doesn't mean that wanting to look pretty on the outside is a bad thing. Many women, myself included, perceive outer beauty as a reflection of their inner one, which is why they want to have a spotless complexion and strong and shiny hair.

Despite the increased dental health awareness and the improvements in dental care, millions of Australians suffer from tooth loss. Researchers are concerned about this number increasing and are about to conduct an extensive study to better understand people's dental health habits and what they are doing wrong. However, when prevention fails, there's nothing left to do than get a replacement. For years, the only possible option to fill any teeth gaps was getting dentures or installing bridges. Luckily, modern dentistry has come up with an advanced tooth replacement option that in many ways beats the unsightly treatments of the past. Today, most Australians opt for the quality tooth implants Melbourne and Sydney clinics offer, due to the fact that tooth implants have a lot of advantages which make them the best alternative for missing teeth. Here are some of them.

If you're asking yourself whether your wisdom tooth should be removed or not, the most probable answer is - yes, it should be. Especially if you're experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort. However, getting your wisdom tooth out is a really common occurrence so there's nothing to be afraid of. But if you understand human logic you'll know that it would be almost impossible not to be nervous before you sit down on the dentist's chair.