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Choose Resin Homewares: Add Luxurious Feel and Ambiance Into Your Living Space

Are you trying to improve the aesthetics of your space, making it look and feel more luxurious? Since most people spend as much time as possible at home, decorating your personal area is a fun project that won’t only make your home Instagram-worthy but will also impact your wellbeing.

The appearance of our living spaces directly affects how we feel, whether it be peaceful, cheery, or comforted. While decorating a home may seem intimidating, it would be a lovely chance to use your imagination and focus your energy on something that will serve you well in the long run.

Resin seems to be a trend that’s appealing to both maximalists and minimalists. Whether you prefer modern hits, vintage-inspired pieces, or statement-making showstoppers, with the help of homewares made from resin, you can make your home vibe luxury.

What Is Resin?

Home decor with resin

Traditionally used as a varnish or adhesive by our ancestors, the resin is now a universal component of home décor. Once poured into a mould and allowed to cool, epoxy resin is a viscous liquid that conforms to the shape of the mould.

The finished product has an elegant appearance, as typically transparent resin solidifies with a clear, glossy appearance. Using resin designer homewares throughout your home acknowledges Australia’s First Nations people as the traditional custodians of our land. It’s a remarkable way to make a connection between our past and present, paying respects to our elders.

Additionally, choose luxury homewares in the form of sleek, stylish resin items, such as bowls, vases and serving spoons, and you get a unique way of introducing colour and character to the home. When looking for such homewares, settle for nothing less but pieces crafted by hand, passing through many pairs of hands in the process, giving each piece the slight differences that make it exclusive and one-of-a-kind.

Search for designers that hand-make pieces using low-energy methods and products derived from waste material and BPA-free resins suitable for cold food service.

Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Resin

Dining tables with resin

Most often, trends reflect what society needs at the moment. Recovering from the global health crisis and economic strain, people more than ever before want to feel seen and accepted, embracing furniture, lighting, and fabrics in their homes that they interact with in their everyday environment.

That’s why resin homewares appeal to so many people, regardless of the design style that dominates their homes. What can I use to decorate resin? Using subtle palettes and curved furniture paired with welcome indulgences, such as a practical and inviting dining area, is the ultimate way to achieve luxurious cosiness.

Curved Furniture

The popularity of curved furniture is about to soar. The furniture design is becoming softer and more sculptural as we move away from clean-lined minimalism toward cosy interiors.

Round-edged, organically shaped furniture provides a space of comfort and peace. We can see lots of curves in furniture; from ultra-high-end to more moderately priced vendors, nearly every manufacturer incorporates soft lines and arcs into their furniture.

If you’re not ready for a sofa swap, implementing some extra large luxury homewares such as a resin rock tower table is an easy way to introduce a curvy note to your space. The round shape exquisitely reminds of the human body, giving any area a much-needed natural twist.

Soft Earth Tones

Resin decor

People seek calming, restorative spaces for healing. That’s why natural colours, like sky blues, warm browns, and soft greys, combined with other hues inspired by nature, correlate with where we are as a society. If there were a colour-of-the-year competition, the winner would unquestionably be one from the soft earth tones palette.

Choosing luxury homewares in sandy pearl, chalk swirl, malachite, white marble, and lagoon blue for your space will help you create calm without compromising the rich feel.

Layer Up the Look

Maximalism might be the right move this year. Currently, layers and textures are prominent in both fashion and interior design. Adding layers of interest to spaces where you entertain can be a huge decor tweak to give personality to it.

Adding printed wallpaper on your walls, painting the trim, and experimenting with a few different patterns are a few examples. Decorative accents will also serve as conversation starters, wowing friends who haven’t been to your home in two years or more.

When it comes to resin craftsmanship, the concept of immortalising flowers in resin is quite well-liked. When preserved in resin, dried flowers have a classic and breathtakingly beautiful appearance.

As an original tabletop accessory, resin coasters are another way to layer up your home look using resin. If the table also has a bold colour, colourful resin coasters might not work. In that case, choose transparent resin coasters. They have no colour, but they will have a glassy lustre that will look nice on top of a table that is coloured.

Traditional Accents

Mirror with fringe

Modern design has captured the hearts of many of us. But there is a significant resurgence of vintage and traditional elements. The resin-made homewares, ornate mirrors, velvet chairs, and fringe-covered couches are among the “pieces that have richness and history” that draw people more and more. That doesn’t mean you should get rid of your sleekest accessories. To keep the space timeless, mix and match modern furniture with family heirlooms or antiques.

Artisanal Goods

Mass-produced products are on their way out as more and more of us choose to shop sustainably and locally. In their place, artisan goods are rising in popularity. According to experts, there’s a lot of focus on one-of-a-kind pieces produced by local or regional artists. Look for handmade items you can incorporate into your space, such as handcrafted homewares and handwoven rugs.

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