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Italian Men’s Shoes: What Effortless Style Is All About

When it comes to Italy, there are so many things we associate with the beautiful country and its amazing people. From the mouthwatering pasta, pizza and gelato, the unique hand gestures, the unforgettable art and architecture, all the way to luxurious vehicles. If you think I’ve left out the incredible trendsetting fashion, that’s only so as to elaborate more on the matter – shoes in particular.

Renowned for the eye-catching designs and outstanding craftsmanship as early as the 11th century, it’s not surprising fashion has become such an integral part of the country. This is especially the case with their footwear which is considered to be among the best in the world, as any fan of shoes would tell you.

Why Buy Italian Shoes?

With all the cheap and stylish options of footwear available, you might be wondering why you should invest in something more expensive and the short answer is durability. Taking into consideration skilfully handcrafted Italian mens shoes of premium leather have quality stitching and are famous for their elegance, you get true value for your money as they withstand all the wear and tear you put them through.

italian style

Thanks to the popularity of such quality, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy to get your hands on a top-notch pair. Well-stocked retailers in Australia would provide you with a variety of brands as well as competitive prices. If you want to find out more reasons why you need to introduce this type of footwear in your wardrobe, keep on reading.

Timeless Designs

Buying bespoke means acquiring artisan work that’s not only considered as a work of art but would serve you for years to come too since it’s the perfect balance between modern and classic. Italian shoes are truly transcending time with their hand-dyed and hand-burnished leather for a unique result.

So, when you get a pair of dress shoes or boots, or anything in between, those you wear on rare occasions and those you wear daily, you don’t ever have to worry they’d go out of style. What’s more, if you care about making an impression with your outfits instead of blending in, this type of footwear would actually help you stand out. It’s impossible to miss a man walking in footwear that impresses down to the smallest of detail. Trust me, you’re going to make heads turn with every step you take!

italian mens shoes

Perfect Fit and Unmatched Comfort

Once you get your pairs of Italian mens shoes, you don’t go back since they promote foot health! I can confirm this because as soon as I bought my first pair I was hooked, and here I am three years later with sever pairs of artisan shoes. Besides the durability and timelessness, what’s so amazing about this type of footwear is the fact it’s made for comfort due to the quality ingredients that are used for the end-product.

When you start wearing it, you won’t be complaining of any foot discomfort or pain as it’s customised for the perfect fit, with the genuine leather soles with injected rubber points, and full leather linings. Moreover, the full-grain leather that’s used guarantees incredible inner environment thanks to breathability. This is especially handy for men dealing with foot odour.

If you’ve got other issues, have in mind mens Italian shoes are usually available as Blake-rapid and Blake-stitched. Goodyear welted is also available with some designs, though it’s somewhat thicker and harder, and you’d be better off with the thinner and flexible Blake-rapid stitch that aren’t hard on your feet. The way they make your feet feel like walking on clouds would make you understand why they’re so popular and different from any shoes you’ve ever owned before.

A Variety of Options

Men aren’t known to be that picky with their shoes as much as women, but it can happen that you find yourself being indecisive with what to buy. Luckily, Italian footwear offers you just the versatility you require to pick your ideal pair synonymous with effortless style.

many different shoe options

Come across a trustworthy supplier of Italian mens shoes, and you can be sure they’d have a range of artisan chukkas, ankle boots, chelseas, lace up derbies, oxfords, brogues, loafers, sandals and trainers that match your corporate looks, as well as formal and casual outfits.

What I personally love about Italian boots is they offer such protection, breathability and comfort that they’re fit for use year-round – not just the colder months of the year. I wear them almost daily and combine them with streetwear accessories.

Now, I want to add as a final note, what all of these different shoes have in common is the need for you to properly care for them and maintain them. Apart from dusting them off after every use, and going over them with a damp soft cloth when they’ve got dirt on them, I regularly apply a neutral cream, like the Supreme Collonil 1909, to polish and nourish.

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