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led strips

LED Strip Lights: Illuminate Your Home and Add Style Too

LED lights have been around for a while now and keep popping up in any conversation where efficient and eco-friendly lighting is brought up. LEDs are very durable, with some research claiming they can last up to 50 times longer than a traditional lightbulb. Translated into years, that leaves us with quite a big number!

Because of their durability and efficiency, LEDs have been at the centre of many innovations in the world of home illumination, and a lot of different lighting options that feature LEDs now exist. From wall sconces and regular lightbulbs to the very thing we’d like to talk to you about today – LED strip lighting.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED lighting strips are an extremely interesting and efficient way of illuminating your home. What they are is basically circuit boards embedded with LED lights and other components to create a flowing, uninterrupted light source that’s easily disguisable, but very bright and pleasant.

You can choose the colour of LEDs you’d like your strip to have, from the traditional yellow and warm white to cold white and sometimes even other colours like purple or green. There are also strips that can change their colour, managed by remote control.

You can buy suitable LED lighting strips for your home in any well-stocked store that sells lighting and electrical products. There are many versions of them out there and also many ways to use them, so stick around as we explore some of them!

led strip lighting

How to Use LED Strip Lights at Home

LED light strips are extremely versatile and easy to use. They can add instant luxury and elegance to any room of the home. All you really need when thinking of incorporating LED strips into your home is a vast imagination and an electrician to translate your idea into reality!

To get you started, here are a few ideas for each room of the house!

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in the Bedroom

If you’ve browsed the interior design side of social media platforms lately, you’ll probably know what we’re talking about when we say “floating bed”. If you haven’t, it’s okay, we’ll explain!

A floating bed is a bed that is basically popped up on a little pedestal we can’t see and illuminated by a LED strip light all around. Because the bed is raised and illuminated, an illusion that the bed is levitating is created, seeming like it’s floating a few inches above the ground.

Extremely stylish, very eye-catching, and totally creative, floating beds have taken the world by a storm and in the centre of the trend are LED strip lights themselves. Because they don’t get hot and are easily turned on and off, they’re perfect for such an idea.

Moving on, another great way to use LED strips in the bedroom is to place them behind a mirror, illuminating it and creating a really fun effect. Not to mention, this will be very helpful when you’re putting on your makeup as the light will be coming from the mirror itself, giving you a way better idea of what you’re doing than any side light ever could. This is also a fun thing to try when freshening up and renovating the bathroom!

led lighting strips

Add Mood to the Living Room

When in the living room, LED strips can find themselves handy in many situations!

For starters, one idea is to have them behind your TV, illuminating the whole surface from the back and creating a focal point. This won’t interfere with how you view the picture on your TV at all, it will just add a lux ingredient into the mix.

Some LED strips are even capable of being synced with the TV, imitating the colour that dominates the screen at any given time, essentially turning your whole living room into an interactive theatre!

Another fun idea for the living room is to create a focal point using LEDs and artwork. If you’re an art lover and have a gallery of your own at home, why not illuminate it with hidden LED strips to give it a bit more attention and elegant touch? You can illuminate each piece individually or frame the whole space. This can also work great with a home library!

Moving on, if you’re renovating your living room and are thinking of alternative ways of lighting, one idea is to leave sections of your walls hollow and fit LED strips in there. This will create a very interesting, 3D effect to the room, helping it to seem bigger and more spacious. It also looks seriously cool!

Lastly, you can use LED strips to create decorative wall lighting, writing out anything you’d like, or shaping them in a way that seems interesting to you! This can be a standalone piece or be incorporated into your home gallery as your very own art contribution!

led strips

Improve the Visibility in the Kitchen

It might seem hard to incorporate LED strips into the kitchen area, but that can’t be further from the truth!

We spoke about using LEDs to illuminate parts of your walls and this too can be done in the kitchen, only slightly differently. You won’t need any crevices if you don’t want them. What you will need is something that everybody has in their kitchen and that something is cabinets!

Cabinets are found in literally every kitchen in the world and they can very easily be spiced up with LED strips in no time, creating a lux illumination effect. Since your cabinets are already mounted on the wall, one idea is to stick a LED strip on the bottom of the cabinet and along the wall, from beginning to end.

Not only is this an easy and modern way to adorn your kitchen, but it will also prove quite a useful light source when cooking. With overhead lights, you may cast a shadow over your working area, making it difficult to see what you’re doing. With LED strips mounted under your cabinets though your work area will be illuminated from directly above, leaving no space for shadow.

To Sum Up

LED light strips are easy to come by, they’re easy to use, and they find it quite easy to turn a regular space into a spectacle!

By incorporating this way of alternative lighting in your home you’ll gain so much with very little investment. LED strips are known to last for years, so once you have them properly installed, you won’t need to install a new strip in a long time.

LED strips come in a variety of different lengths to cater to anyone’s needs and cover whatever space you have in mind. Extremely versatile and effective, we really do encourage you to try them on yourself!

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