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Tips for Buying and Styling Skirts

Even though summer is the season when skirts are the most popular, there is no time of the year when a skirt doesn’t look great on a woman. Not only are skirts stylish and glamorous, but they can also be incredibly comfortable. Skirts make for gorgeous outfits, they are versatile and can fit right in most dressing styles and dress codes, from formal, wedding, gala or date night outfits, all the way to streetwear. Mini, short, mid-length or maxi skirts all come in an incredible range of designs, shapes and colours. So, it’s no wonder that so many women love to wear them, or would love to wear them. 

maxi skirts

Like with most outfits, styling a skirt is all about finding the right balance between colours, shapes and materials. One of the most important things to think about when you find a skirt that you want to buy is the rest of your wardrobe, and what you could wear it with.

Because most women, even women who know what they like and what looks good on them sometimes find it hard to create outfits with skirts. And, the thing is, if you learn how to style them right, your choices will become even more vast, and you may find yourself wearing skirts all the time, regardless of your body shape, your weight, your height, your hairstyle, your age etc. 

Wearing Maxi Skirts

It may seem like an exaggeration, but maxi skirts are probably the one skirt type that can fit any women and emphasise her beauty and womanhood. They can be a great addition to any wardrobe and for any style, and they look cute, graceful, attractive, sexy flattering…, and on top of all that, they are incredibly comfortable.

white long dress

Long skirts are easy to style, and even more so in summer. Generally, skirts are much more popular for summer, mostly because of comfort and with maxi skirts, your beach style can always feel dressy and sexy. So, one thing is certain, if you can find a gorgeous beach maxi skirt that you really love, it can easily become a part of your new favourite outfits.  

The reason why long beach skirts are easy to style is that crop tops, loose shirts and t-shirts, blouses, can all match well with them. But don’t forget about colours. Balance a colourful beach maxi skirt with a white or black shirt, blouse or other tops, add colour with your top with white or neutral colours long skirts, or go for one coloured skirt and top, in colours that complement each other nicely.  

Wearing Midi Skirts

In the middle between mini and long skirts, medium-length skirts fall below your knee or mid-calf. They can also look flattering on every woman, whether young, middle-aged or senior.  Whether you go for a looser or fuller midi skirt, or with a pencil skirt, the trick is to find a style that you feel comfortable in and fits you well. Make sure that you can wear it with the tops you already own or buy a top that will go well with it. Also, just like with maxi skirts, remember to combine colours in a way that will balance your outfit.

midi skirt

Wearing Mini Skirts

Favourite to some and hated by others, mini skirts can be quite tricky. This is mostly because if you don’t choose well, you may feel uncomfortable, inappropriate or overexposed. In any case, if you choose well, they can look sexy and feel great, just like maxi and midi skirts. The most important goal in the case of mini skirts is to find a skirt that will fit you well and complement your shape nicely. But you should be able to find a suitable mini skirt as these come in a great range of styles, fitted, bell-shaped, denim with buttons on the front. etc.

However, finding the right mini skirt can be a little bit harder, because, unlike long and medium length skirts, you won’t only need to worry about fit, but also about length. You can get a shirt that’s longer on the back, or an asymmetrical one if you are worried about bending over and exposing things you don’t want to. Depending on the occasion or the style you are going for, as well as the shape of the skirt, you can pair mini skirts with loose or fitted tops. Like with the other types of skirts, don’t forget about balance with colours and materials.  


Other Tips

Regardless of whether you are going for a short skirt, medium-length or a long beach skirt, wear full or loose skirts with fitted tops, or fitted skirts with a fuller or looser top. This and choosing the colours well will help you balance your outfit. But, while this is a tip that can make your life easier, it’s not a strict rule. So, if you want, you can also get creative and find other ways to combine your clothes.

Furthermore, to avoid creating bulk, it’s always better to pair skirts with shorter tops, because oversized shirts or blouses can be hard or impossible to tuck in. Bodysuits are an amazing choice for most types of skirts. You can also layer skirts with blazers, sweaters cardigans, jackets etc. Long coats can look great with mini skirts, while shorter ones may be best with longer shirts.

mini skirt

Furthermore, make sure that you choose the right waist height. While a high waist is considered to be the best option if you have a tummy, they can also look beautiful on slimmer women. Generally, choose the waist height you think is most flattering for you when you are wearing pants, and you should be fine. 

When it comes to shoes and accessories, it’s up to your personal taste, as well as style. While you can pair a summer skirt with the right lace-up flats, sneakers, sandals, loafers or high heels, and many types of bags, when you combine some more formal skirts, you’ll need to go for dressier shoes, but you might want to avoid wearing high heels with short skirts. 

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