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stylish modern toilet suite

Getting a New Toilet Suite? Here Are Some Technicalities!

When it comes to home decor trends that truly make a difference in one’s quality of living, I’m particularly fond of turning the bathroom into a peaceful oasis. After we got to spend more time in our homes in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent just how important it is to have that comfort in your abode that not only makes you feel safe but relaxed too.

By now, my bathroom had gone through various small makeover projects in order to become my personal spa. Some of these changes included decorating the small space in a smart way and picking the most suitable vanity for a stylish and functional bathroom.

stylish toilet suite

However, one of the more recent changes that have had an even bigger impact on the functionality has been getting a new and stylish toilet suite. If you ask me, now I think of it as the must-have upgrade if your budget is limited but you still want to considerably transform the place. Often, we take the toilet for granted design and practicality-wise, and it shouldn’t be this way!

I have to warn you though, shopping for a toilet isn’t as simple as shopping for a toilet paper holder, let’s say. Since not all toilets are the same and there’s more to the choice than merely picking the colour or model you prefer, I’m going to list the technicalities you have to pay attention to before purchasing the ideal one for you.

What’s Your Pan Type?

This basically comes down to the waste configuration, i.e. how the waste exits the toilet pan, which mainly depends on the bathroom design. There are three options you can pick from: the S-trap, the P-trap and the skew trap. In case you’re buying your toilet suite as a replacement, and not installing a new one in a new home, your choice in this set out is rather narrow and depends on the previous one. Well unless you’re willing to spend additionally on a plumbing project and have more say in it!

S and p type of toilet suite
  • S-trap is one of the most popular in Australia and it’s the set-out in which the pipe connects to the sewer through the floor.
  • P-trap has the connection through the wall, and is common for the wall-hung toilet suites.
  • Skew trap is typical for the traditional homes and it’s the one with the pipe exiting on either side of the toilet bowl.

Measure Up!

How can you be certain on the model and size of toilet you need if you don’t know the exact measurements you can work with? To avoid mistakes and the stress and additional expenses that come from them, it’s important to measure up the space you have available for the toilet with the water supply tap, as well as the set out.

Given that the water supply tap location is related to the toilet’s cistern, besides measuring up the floor for the toilet suite size that would be ideal for you to avoid blocking traffic flow, the door or the shower, you need to check whether the supply tap is high or low. This would give you a hint on whether you’d use a toilet with a high-level cistern or low-level cistern.
The waste set-out measurement is especially crucial for the toilet design where the cistern is connected on the top of the toilet bowl. For the p-trap you have to measure to the centre of the waste pipe starting from the floor, the usual amount being about 185mm. With the s-trap, you’d have to measure to the centre of the pipe starting from the wall which sums up to about 140mm.

What’s Your Ideal Toilet Design?

If you’re not planning on adding another chore into your bathroom cleaning priorities like the pipeware of the toilet suite, and you want to save up alongside using eco-friendly household products, you can pick from the latest designs that have the cistern and the toilet pan joined together.

stylish toilet suite
  • As a cheaper option, you have the link connector suites and they’re most popular not only for the price but the easy adaptability to existing configurations too. The cistern and the pan are connected through a pipe that allows you flexibility with the size and you can neatly cover it to keep it out of sight.
  • If you’re looking for a smooth design, then the closed coupled toilet suites are for you. The vitreous ceramic cistern with them is directly secured to the top of the bowl. To be sure you’re getting the right fit, it’s necessary to measure the water supply tap as I mentioned earlier.
  • With the previous you’d have some cleaning to do with the toilet for dust below, which is what the back to wall suites save you from. This is because the cistern and the pan have no spacing between them, which allows for the suite to be installed close to the wall. For the clearance, check the existing water tap location especially if you have the s-trap set-out.
  • In case you don’t like any of the three, why not get one of the concealed cistern suites then? As you might guess, the cistern with these is concealed behind the wall, or could be behind a cabinet too. The flush buttons on their own give a rather minimal appeal, which is ideal for modern homes with seamless decor.

Besides having fun choosing from the different flush button designs and colours, you can also pick from floor-mounted and wall-hung bowls. If you’re in need of non-standard height, the wall-hung is suitable for you.

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