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Being informed is always in style

Have you ever wanted to have the life of a celebrity and enjoy a day of relaxation? I'm sure I'm not the only one, but wishes are one thing and reality check is another when the budget keeps reminding you that you can't afford to visit spas and have massages as often as you want. Nowadays, it's impossible not to feel so overwhelmed and so sick and tired of your day to day life because we've all turned into some form of workaholics and, let's just face it, work never ends.

There's no place like home. No matter where we live and how much the travel bug might have bitten us, home is the place we long to go back to, sometimes although we may not be aware of it. I can say this with certainty...

The definition of an independent and successful woman from a big city became somehow more acceptable by the part of society that still believed women are for giving birth and nothing else, with the first ever episode of Sex and the City.

Home is where it all begins and ends and there is no doubt that the living room is the heart of the home. It is the place where we make most of the family memories, so making it your small piece of paradise where you can unwind and feel cozy should be your main goal when decorating it and choosing its furniture pieces.